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CBT Extreme

Tease and Denial Ass Worship Video

Tease and Denial Ass Worship

Worship My Sexy Ass - Click Here

This is another guided masturbation video and this one involves tease and denial combined with ass worship. This hot ass chick likes to have her ass worshipped and the more you worship it the more likely she is to allow you to cum. If you don't worship it enough you will be denied your orgasm. For this guided masturbation experience you will need a pillow, duct tape (or Scotch tape), a banana (or other soft fruit) and a glove. When you have these items ready, follow the link below and download the video. When the video is downloaded you must strip completely naked before starting to play the video - this is very important - you will find out why later!

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Hot Teens Tease Cock Outdoors


Hot Teens Tease Cock

Teen Handjob Lesson - Watch Here

In this video two hot teens tease a guy's cock outdoors after they find him sitting alone on a park bench. The guy was surprised when the two girls came over and sat either side of him on the bench. One of the girls said that she had been teaching her friend how to give handjobs but they only had a banana to practice on and it wasn't really very realistic. She asked if the guy would mind if they used his cock to practice on. Naturally the guy was a bit shocked but he wasn't going to refuse having two hot teens practicing their cock teasing technique on his rapidly hardening dick. Checking that nobody else was around he quickly pulled down his jeans and let the girls set to work!

Cock Tease Practice - Watch it Here!!

Tease And Denial Videos - Sexy MILF Jerks You Off

Tease And Denial Videos

Are You Ready For Me? - Then Click Here!

This is the latest addition to our collection of tease and denial videos. In this video a sexy MILF jerks you off verbally by giving instructions that you must follow exactly. You should have some things ready before watching this video - some lube, a condom, some bubble-wrap and a bowl of warm water. When you are ready you should start the video playing and do exactly as you are told. You must not cum until you are told to!

To download this tease and denial video featuring this sexy MILF giving instructions to jerk you off just follow this link...

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Cock Tease Video - MILF Instructs Teen

Cock Tease Video

MILF Instructs Teen - Watch Here

In today's cock tease video an older MILF instructs a young teen in the art of cock teasing and orgasm denial. There is something incredibly hot about watching an older woman explain how to tease a guy to the edge of orgasm before bringing him back without allowing him to cum. This mature lady is an expert prick tease and her young student is keen to learn all she can about teasing and orgasm denial. It is not long before the sexy teen has taken over the job of stroking the guy's cock and it is safe to say that the dude was more than happy to find a younger woman paying attention to his dick.

Cock Teasing Lesson - Click to Download

Tease Denial - Hot Blonde Giving Guided Masturbation

Tease Denial

T&D Guided Masturbation - Click Here

This tease-denial video features a hot blonde chick giving a guided masturbation session that will blow your mind. If you are bored of conventional jacking off and want something to spice it up a bit, then a session of tease and denial from a sexy blonde lady is just the sort of thing you need. This babe really knows how to tease a guy and her guided masturbation will take you to levels of arousal that you have only dreamed of. When it comes to tease and denial you can't really beat the real thing but this is almost as good! Find out what it's like for yourself by following the link below to watch the video...

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