Tease Denial Instructions from Sexy Blonde

Ever wondered what it would be like to receive tease and denial instructions from a sexy blonde chick like this? Well, now you can find out. In this explicit video this hot blonde babe tells you exactly what to do to bring yourself right to the edge and back again. She will tease you beyond belief with her filthy talk and by showing off her hot sexy body...

Tease Denial Instructions

Tease and Denial Instruction Video

This sexy babe's instructions will tell you exactly how to stroke your cock the way she wants you to. By following exactly what she says you will be given the ultimate tease and denial experience. Are you man enough for her? Do you think you can go the distance? Find out now by watching her instructional video on the link below...

Instructional Video - Download It Here

Tease and Denial Movies - Secretary in Stockings

Today we have another addition to our collection of tease and denial movies. In this one a hot secretary in stockings lifts her skirt and teases her new boss by showing off her sexy ass and lacy panties. She presses her panty covered ass close up to his face and reaches between her legs to gently stroke the bulge in his trousers with the tips of her fingers...

Tease And Denial Movies

Secretary Stockings Tease - Watch Here

By this time the boss is getting pretty hot and bothered and his cock is visibly straining against the tight material of his trousers. His secretary's exposed stocking tops and sexy black panties are tantalisingly close to his face but she warns him not to touch, only to watch, as she continues to sway her hips in front of him and slowly massage his cock through the cloth.

After all this teasing the boss cannot take much more and the secretary is sure that he will soon make a mess in his trousers. At this point she instructs him to take out his cock and masturbate for her, giving him permission to cum. He takes his cock from his trousers and strokes it a few times as she watches. That's all it takes for him to cum and he shoots his thick white creamy spunk onto the office floor.

Watch this secretary in stockings teasing her boss right now on this link...

Sectretary Stockings Tease - Click Here

Tease and Denial Clips - Sexy Blonde Teasing

I found a bunch of tease and denial clips featuring this sexy blonde masturbation instructor. The clips are all about this chick teasing the viewer and giving instructions on how to masturbate for her. When you hear the filthy talk from this very sexy masturbation instructor I guarantee you will have a throbbing hard-on in seconds...

Tease And Denial Clips

Tease and Denial Clip - Watch Here

I've just posted up one of the clips today for you to have a look at but will probably post a few more over the next few days if you guys like them. I know you like good cock teasing clips and these are some of the best around. Check out this clip on the link below then let me know if you want any more...

Blonde Masturbation Instructor - Click Here

Tease and Denial Femdom Handjob Video

Today's download from Tease and Denial is a femdom handjob video featuring a guy strapped to table and teased by a hot blonde in sexy lingerie. This chick certainly knows how to give an expert femdom handjob. She uses lots of slow teasing and denied orgasm techniques to prolong the experience until the guy is leaking pre-cum like crazy...

Tease and Denial Femdom

Tease and Denial Handjob - Click Here

As far as tease and denial handjobs go this is one of the best I've seen. She starts out using lube on the guy but, after taking him to the edge several times, there is enough pre-cum to lubricate a bus engine. As she continues to tease his leaking cock he starts twitching so much that the restraints are needed to stop him jumping off the table. I won't spoil the ending for you, if you want to see what happens then watch it yourself on the link below...

Femdom Handjob Video - Click Here

Tease and Denial - Guided Masturbation

Today's video from Tease and Denial is a hot guided masturbation video that I guarantee will have your cock harder than ever before. In the video this hot MILF instructs you to masturbate for her while she teases you. She will get you to take out your cock and stroke it slowly while she shows you her sexy toned body and tells you exactly what to do with your dick...

Tease And Denial

Hot MILF Cock Tease Video - Click Here

If you've never experienced a guided masturbation video before then this one is definitely a good place to start. This MILF is truly filthy in the way she talks and teases. She will have you leaking pre-cum like a leaky faucet but don't you dare cum until she tells you! That's if she allows you to cum at all. You will have to watch the video to find out. You can watch it right now on this link...

Guided Masturbation Video - Watch Here

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